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Composing the Terms and Conditions for Your New Roommate

By | January 21, 2014

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roommate terms conditionsRoommates make lots of informal agreements about splitting the rent cost, share chores and bedrooms. It is best to put your agreements in writing, because oral agreements can be easily forgotten or wrong after the fact. Here are some important decisions to consider when drafting an agreement. See the examples of roommate terms and conditions below.

A roommate agreement is a written document in which the rights and duties of two or more people who share of the housing. These agreements are not the same as sub tenancy agreements, leases or leases, that primary address financial and maintenance responsibility between the landlord and tenant or a tenant and sub tenant. Instead, roommate agreement often on issues that is unique to unrelated people living together, such as rules about overnight guests or performing chores in addition to financial arrangements. By a written, signed agreement, you and your roommates avoid misunderstandings and future conflict. You can also seal the agreement in some short of way to protect your rights in court.

If you have your house rent and have a roommate, the nature of the legal relationship between three parties which is you, your roommate and your landlord based on your rental or lease agreement. If you and your roommate every signed a lease with the landlord, you are considered co tenants. In a sub tenant relationship has only one roommate has a direct agreement with the landlord sublet space in the House while the other party. If your roommate you rental sublets space in your home, you have the authority to have him expelled.

An example of roommate terms and conditions agreements must explain the financial obligations of each roommate, including everyone’s share of the rent, utilities, and other expenses. In addition to the amount of money owed, the roommate agreement should also enter the date on which these monies are due and how the payments should be processed. Arrears and other penalties for late or missed payments must also be included in the agreement roommate. Other clauses to disclaim responsibility for chores and concludes with policy towards visitors, smoking, alcohol use and noise levels. Finally, make sure that the lease specifies the dates on which the agreement begins and ends. You can set the start and end date so that if it coincident at the end of your lease, so that you can negotiate a new roommate agreement based on a rent increase or other changes in the cost or responsibilities.

If you have a serious disagreement and a roommate and one of you decide to submit to Court, take with you the roommate agreement. The judge will not force “house rules” such as washing dishes after every meal, but can enforce financial clauses. Go to Court is often more expensive and time-consuming, although sometimes only the threat of going to court can push your roommate or roommates to pay no money they have for rent or damage due. Discuss how your household will solve conflicts and violations of the agreement. Take this as the last part of your roommate agreement to develop solutions together and then write them down to be signed together.

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