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A Friendship Contract Template To Keep Strong Relationship With Your Roommate

By | April 15, 2013

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my roommateIt can be a tough world out there. Sometimes even well meaning roommates or friends make cause difficulties for one another without meaning to. Friendship contracts or roommate contracts are a great way to let everyone involved know what is expected of them and what will happen if those expectations are not met. How would go about writing up these kinds of agreements? Let’s begin with what should be on your friendship contract template.

Basically there a few things that friends always should do for each other and things that friends should never do to each other. There was a time when this was a given. If you called each other friends, it just went with the territory. But in a world where so few people keep their word, here are a few things to include in friendship contracts.

Trust and loyalty are vital to a friendship. Somewhere in the contract should outline the rules for not sharing each other’s business by gossiping. If you say something in confidence, it should be agreed that it will stay just between you. Honesty is also important. A clause may include the need to always tell each other the truth. This can include when one of you needs correction. The other may promise to always provide it in the way that causes the least possible embarrassment.

Honestly, most friends don’t really need a contract unless they decide to become roommates. Once money enters the picture, problems can arise quickly. Here are a few things that should be on your roommate contract template in order to keep the peace and ensure that your friendship will endure.

Obviously the terms of the lease should appear on the contract. Whom will be paying how much for which room? Also, outline how the deposit was divided and how to go about getting it back. How much notice does a roommate have to give to get out of the agreement, and what is the penalty if they fail to give enough notice?

What if someone wants to have a friend stay over? Limits can be set on how long a friend can stay without authorization by each roommate. Be sure that a plan is set up for paying utilities including electric, water, gas, phone, Internet, etc. Will certain roommates be responsible for certain chores? What is the policy on having pets? Cleanliness may depend much on upbringing, so don’t assume that everyone will want to keep the house up like you do. Also, if you are students or work from home, agreements on quiet times in the house for study and work may prove beneficial.

With a good roommate contract template, you and your friend should be able to reach an agreement which will help the friendship endure even if rooming together turns out to be a bad idea.

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