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Roommate Rules and Regulations Sample

By | June 23, 2013

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room mate agreementIf you have roommates, then you need rules of the house or apartment. You can find free template for roommate rules at many websites on the Internet. However, you have to read them carefully to be sure they state what you want in your roommate rules and regulations. A sample will show you what is in the template.

In today’s economy, it makes sense to have roommates for the rooms you don’t use. It helps with the mortgage payment as well as electric and water. If you want to share food, having a roommate can even help out with the grocery bill. However, having a roommate is not easy. There has to be rules and regulations. If you use a roommate rules and regulations sample you can find at many websites, you can change it to how you want your roommates to behave.

It should cover when the rent should be paid, as well as the utility bills. You can incorporate the utility bill into the rent for the room if you want. Most people these days need or want an Internet connection. Lights and water go without saying, but washer and dryer may or may not be included in the rent.

Each roommate should agree and sign the roommate rules and regulations agreement. It should also cover how long the roommate will stay in weeks, months ,or years. It’s much like a lease but it’s not; however, it is as binding, legally, that is.

Using a roommate agreement free form gives you the opportunity make changes to the form for each roommate or you can use it as stated.  It should cover:

Using a free template for roommate rules is the best way to have an agreement that says what you want it to say. A roommate agreement or lease can state what you want it to state. If the roommate doesn’t agree with the rules and regulations, then they can go elsewhere to live.

It’s not easy learning to live with another person, but using a roommate rules and regulations sample gives you both the chance to make arrangement that will suit everyone in the house.

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