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Tips And Advice For Living In Piece With Your Roommate

By | May 18, 2013

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roommate adviceThere is no better place than home-that’s as long as you have no quarrels with your roommate especially for these who live in a shared apartment or house.

Most often, roommates get into squabbles because they break some unspoken rules that make living in a communal space, both interesting and enjoyable. Here are some important things to keep in mind when living with a roommate, tips that can make the house relationship both peaceful and fun.

Communicate from the beginning

The first thing to consider is that people come from different backgrounds, and as such have unique habits and expectations. It is important to communicate with you roommate all the quirky things that make you different and to expect the same from them, so that any awkward moments are avoided. Although your roommate may take time to adjust, it is important that you inform them about your quirky side.

Always address the small stuff

Sometime we get into problems because we avoid sorting things out when we think that they are petty. So thing that are known to cause offense include leaving stuff in the shower, roommates who don’t mind borrowing your clothes or playing loud music or music at all late into the night. By addressing these issues early enough, it is possible to nip quarrels in the bud before they develop into major problems.

Respect everyone’s Stuff

Although it is an unwritten code that roommates should not ‘borrow ‘each other’s stuff without permission, it is normally overlooked by many, to the detriment of the relationship. To prevent this from happening, don’t borrow or use anything without permission. And even when permitted, it is important to minimize borrowing, after all, your roommate bought their items because they need to use them regularly.

Place tabs on your Visitors

Nobody minds a good courteous visitor. The grey line actually lies where they visit and stay too often to the detriment of normal life for your roommate, who at times may need their room as a sanctuary. Although some roommates may be tempted to bring their study group into the room, it is not advisable to do that often, because your room mate may not appreciate the gesture. One way to avoid conflict is to schedule times for visitors and times when the room must be a sanctuary for peace. Also depending on how social either of you are, there may be need to take turns.

Put your room under lock and Key

Unfortunately, not everyone is honest and civil. Some people are skilled at making valuables like iPads and Laptops disappear. You may not want that to happen to your stuff or worse yet the valuable electronics of your roommate, when all you needed to do was keep the room locked.

Be clean and orderly

This is both of personal benefit even as it would be beneficial to your roommate. In case you are used to a disorganized room at home, maybe it is time to get orderly. It will avoid a lot of conflicts and save time.

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